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Our Business

Cascadia Intellectual Property® (or simply "Cascadia IP®") is a boutique law practice located in Seattle, Washington, specializing in legal services and client counseling in intellectual property law matters.

As a boutique law practice, we are particularly aware of the interplay between the various forms of available legal protection and strive to craft a logical and cost-effective solution to protecting your intellectual property, whether an invention, a corporate name, logo or slogan, an artistic creation, or an original work of authorship.

Accordingly, we offer legal services in the areas of patents, trademarks, copyrights and related intellectual property matters, such as trade secrets, licenses, non-disclosure and proprietary rights agreements, and similar transactional concerns.

We prosecute utility and design patent applications both in the United States and abroad and have expertise in computer software and hardware, business methods, medical methods and devices, mechanical apparatuses and related technological arts. We prosecute trademark applications at the state and federal levels and abroad, and register copyrights domestically.